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How it works

Ownerhood is a game-changing savings alternative that gets you closer to the house ownership dream. Can’t buy a whole property? Buy a slice, and hedge your savings to your dream house price. No more going backwards!

Buy and own a slice of a property

Choose a property that interests you. Buy a slice in that property starting from 50,000 NIS. We perform the purchase and register you as a direct owner at the land registrar. A one-off 2% fee is paid to cover legal and real estate professionals.


Property leased and managed for you

We lease and manage the property. You earn monthly income from according to your share. 10% fee of the rental income is taken to cover leasing and management.


Sell your slice and realize capital returns

Sell your slice any time on the platform's secondary market, or let us sell the property for you at the pre defined "safe point". No fees for selling.

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Why Ownerhood

Standard friendly process
search and invest in properties at mouse click. Our experts take care of the process.

Personalized Investment
You choose the property, you choose how much to invest

Selling as easy as buying
We provide the platform for selling your investment, we handle the legal work

Easy, no-hassle rent income
No applications, no phone calls from tenants. Just monthly rent income.

Hedge your savings to the property price
Your savings grow at the same pace as the market. No more falling behind!


Until an offer closes, all money is held in trust in a segregated bank account.

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